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Hello people!

April was sure a wonderful month, yeah? GladePay came with lots of updates all aimed at making your business to grow and all its operations seamless and more convenient.

Let’s take a look at our updates for this month.


We are pleased to announce to you that from your GladePay’s dashboard, you can now add and manage multiple businesses (sub-businesses)

Your business insight is not left out as well. You could just access your business insight monthly, but with the latest update made, you can now check your business insight for the previous week, month or year. This will enable you to follow-up on the growth your business has had in the previous week, month and year and to also see past transactions made.


There is now proper validation for you when filling a form for your payment link. This is a guide and cross check if the data you imputed is correct.

Another exciting update is that you can now receive payments in other currencies (USD). With this your customers across the world who wants to make payment to you and does not own a Naira account can make payments via a USD ($). If your customer pays you via USD, it goes to your dollar bank account if you have one, and if you don’t, the dollars is converted to Naira and paid into your bank account.

GladePay also has made it possible to share your Payme Link directly from your dashboard to any social media platform.


You can now choose to send invoice to your customers/clients either and get paid in Naira or in USD Dollar.


GladePay has developed API’s that drives financial inclusion and enables businesses and entrepreneurs to offer digital financial services (Fund Transfer, Savings and Investments, Lending Services, Thrifts & Credits and Cooperatives Services) to the underserved and unserved consumers from their platform (website or mobile app) These APIs help build faster and save time and cost.

GladePay ensures that every new update is aimed at making your payment and financial transactions more seamless and to make your businesses grow beyond borders.

Don’t forget to sign up to GladePay and also stay tuned for more value added updates GladePay will bring to you this month.